HTC (Kinda, Maybe) Wants to Buy WebOS

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WebOS is in the doldrums. Even though HP is ostensibly keeping it alive, it's not going anywhere in their hands. Rumors have spread about companies courting HP, but HTC seems to be putting serious thought into taking WebOS under their wing.


They don't have much real competition in that quarter either. Samsung squashed rumblings about their interest in the platform by effectively saying, "No thanks. We have Bada!" And, as wonderful as their acquiring WebOS would be, Amazon has taken no official interest (yet). That puts HTC in prime position should HP decide to give up the ghost.

They're taking their time with the decision though. Feeling it out. But, honestly, it would be in their favor if they saw the idea through. They could potentially make some killer, competitive phones if they just took the chance. They own a massive stake in Beats by Dre for one thing, so that's a boon for any handset they make. And it makes business sense as well. They can't be terribly happy with Google's recent purchase of Motorola Mobility and their purportedly "crap" patents. Spreading the love to Windows Phone and WebOS diversifies their portfolio so to speak.

Could they see WebOS to its full potential? Eh maybe? I wouldn't be terribly excited to see Sense skinned on top of it. But, if handled well, there's a chance WebOS could see some new life. More than HP wants to give, anyway. [Focus Taiwan]



I was disappointed back when HP bought Palm, I really wanted HTC to do it instead. Now I'm not so sure though. HTC's Android phones are very popular and I'm just not sure if a hardware company such as them could do anything major with WebOS.