HTC Launches Four World-Changing PDAs That Aren't The TyTN

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HTC's rolling out with four more entries to the Windows Mobile-based device world just in time for the end-of-the-year rush. The four models—the HTC S620, the HTC P3300, the HTC P3600 and the HTC S310—are all aimed at different segments of the market, or so says HTC.

The HTC S620 sports a "super slim" form factor that's geared toward heavy e-mailers and their ilk.


The HTC P3300 is the company's first dedicated navigation PDA. It comes bundles with TomTom navigation software. GreatGreat.

HTC's got an eye on multimedia hounds with the P3600. It's part of the 3G connectivity fan club and is also HSDPA-ready, a sort of interim _G technology that's slightly faster than its 3G predecessor.


Lastly, the HTC S310 is almost like a junior entry. It's designed for both consumers and businesses, which might mean that it's too much for the average Joe and all but useless to Hank from Accounting. More glowing remarks can be found on the throughly vetted press release.

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