HTC Making the Slow March Toward Progress With HTC Vox and Love

Two other phones from HTC were unveiled at 3GSM this week. Neither of them are nearly as big as the portly HTC Advantage though, with the HTC Vox being smartphone-sized and the HTC Love being Artemis-sized.

We do like when HTC releases new phones, but we're not that impressed with these. The Vox (S710), like we saw before, is a smartphone running Windows Mobile 6 and has a slide-out keyboard. That's great, and the 2.4-inch screen, Mobile Office support, and the sliding keyboard makes this a pretty good combination between portability and usability. But there's nothing revolutionary about this phone.

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The same goes for the Love (P3350), which has 256MB of internal memory (that's a lot), but ditches the GPS found in the Artemis. Other than that, this is supposed to be a music phone, with the built-in front music buttons and the "HTC RollR" trackball. It's a decent phone—don't get us wrong—but only slightly upgraded from HTC's previous offerings.


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