During its announcement party, HTC gave word on two new handsets launching in Europe later this month and in November, the S730 and P6500, respectively. The WM6, Office Mobile-loaded S730, which appears to be a sequel to the Vox, sports Wi-Fi, HDSPA, auto-slide QWERTY keyboard, 256MB of flash memory, and the usual HTC works. Up next, the unattractive enterprise-oriented P6500.


It comes with WM6 Pro, fingerprint ID for gov't/corporate drones, remote wipe function to clear everything if it's lost or stolen, a dual SDIO interface, GPS, and a 3MP cam for barcode and business card reader apps. Oh, and it has a monster 3.5-inch anti-glare screen. But that doesn't make it look any prettier, unfortunately. [S730, P6500]