HTC Shift Vista UMPC Coming in EV-DO Flavor

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It's only been a couple weeks since the Windows Vista-capable HTC Shift UMPC was just released in the US and it's already getting an EV-DO version for you to hook up to Verizon or Sprint (theoretically). LaptopMag's review of it mirrors what we've seen in European reviews of the device (it's been out there for a few months): it's got a cramped keyboard, slightly slow CPU, short battery life and weak Wi-Fi. It probably won't replace your normal laptop if you're traveling, but if you're packing light, it makes for a workable alternative. [Amazon via LaptopMag]



While I'm glad Sprint is considering additional PDA devices - that model seems a little too big for me to consider.

I think something like this may be what a lot of WM users have been waiting for the Gigabyte GSmart MS808.

[] VGA res, full SIRF III GPS chip, LED flash, Wifi, a pretty good processor and a reasonable amount of memory. It is a reasonable thickness -116 x 60 x 14.1mm. It might even work on both networks