HTC Touch Diamond Available Online Now

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European users who want to get their HTC Touch Diamond slightly earlier than the June release date can hop online and buy them for a slightly exhorbitant price right now. DechoWireless, PopularElect and Welectronics have them in stock anywhere between $780 to $850 (you'll probably want to go with the $780 one) ready to ship to you. We think they ship to the US as well, so if you don't want to wait the extra few months for HTC to officially declare support here, this is your (kinda expensive) ticket. [Phone Arena]


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@drummr: No, my point was that this presentation of the time is gratuitous and a bit ambiguous, unless you're old enough to have HAD one of these flip clocks. My point was that a simple HH:MM presentation of the time is probably best, unless you've got a MUCH better way to do it. This ain't it.