HTC Touch Diamond Hands-on Update

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I'm still working on the full review, but I wanted to give everyone an update on that performance fix that was released last week for the HTC Touch Diamond. I installed the new ROM (it was easy, just run the executable on your PC), and now TouchFLO is noticeably faster. It's still not instant, but it's definitely improved to the point where it's usable and you won't really mind it. Yeah, it's passed that bar. I'd even say that it's just as fast as the iPhone. Current owners will be able to upgrade to the newer official ROM soon.



This is great news, especially since out of all the reviews I read, you guys were the only ones to give it SUCH poor marks for speed (the others noted it wasn't peppy, but didn't seem to think it was such a big deal), which means if YOU'RE now comfortable with it and saying it compares the iPhone, the less-picky people are going to be really happy.

I can't wait for the Touch Pro.