HTC Touch Roundup

If our early morning HTC Touch reveal left you hanging for more on this fancy finger-touch phone, look no further. Well, a little further. Here's some coverage of the Touch from around the webernet.


• Tracy and Matt have a video up as well. I think it was Matt this time.
• Shiny Shiny has an interview with HTC's Wang.
• Unwired view has some videos of the phone. Site's loading a bit slow though.
• Crave has some photos.
• Finally, HTC has an online demo of the UI.

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That video so illuminates the difference between anyting with Windows Mobile on it and what Apple are doing. You never see such hugely obvious slowdowns and clunkiness like that in the Apple demos and videos, not once. Also, the touch technology in this one is probably the same old stuff that can only handle one touch at a time, and with very poor precision unless you use a stylus.

It's a clunky, unattractive fifth-rate attempt to copy the jesus phone, and it's just embarrassing to watch, really.

I have a Windows Mobile device myself. It's also slow and has graphical glitching and inexplicable delays in the interface and so on. I still love it for what it can do, especially due to the third party software; it's very useful for what it is but it looks so amateurish and obsolte compared to the Apple phone OS it's not even amusing.

When did we get used to having slow and cumbersome-feeling interfaces on mobile devices, to the point we don't even get upset about it? I also have a Nokia phone with the latest Symbian generation on it, and that one is slow and ugly too.

Ah well, maybe the iPhone will really stir things up... one can always hope.