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T-Mobile MDA and Verizon XV6700 owners know that although their phone is powerful, it may be pretty daunting to set up. Hooking up the mobile internet connection, setting up email and syncing the phone with your Outlook or OS X contacts takes a while, especially if you're not familiar with the Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system or a huge nerd. HTC took that to heart, and set up a community Wiki so people could contribute hints, tips and walkthroughs on how to set up their new HTC-based device.

HTC got the site started with a good deal of useful content, like a full walkthrough on how to use your MDA as a modem. As more users visit the site and contribute content, you'll get links to third party apps, special firmware (not covered under warranty), and speed tweaks. Now get going and show me how to turn my MDA into a death ray.


HTC Wiki

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