This Is What Life Sounds Like Through a Cochlear Implant

Being deaf is extremely difficult—but there are technological solutions that allow some people to regain at least some of their hearing. Now, you can listen to what it's like to hear through a cochlear implant.


In this video Michael Dorman, a professor of Speech and Hearing Science, gives us a chance to listen to how things sound to wearers of cochlear implants—and actually, it's incredibly impressive. But that doesn't mean researchers are resting on their laurels: he goes on to explain how they can—and will—improve the technology. It's pretty amazing stuff. [YouTube]



Here, in Rochester, NY home of RIT's Nat'l Technical Institute for the Deaf, cochlear's are quite prevalent. I saw some deaf students trying to order from a restaurant and, while many restaurants here have sign language interpreters, this one didn't. It seemed like technology should offer a solution. So I created http://AllAccess.US - a free app that lets deaf users "build" an order and touch a button to have it spoken and shown to a waiter. It also reads menus to the blind.