It's a wonderful sensation when you encounter something you've seen countless times before, only from a different vantage point. The electric glow of neon signs is familiar in all big cities around the world, but seeing them from the vantage point of photographer Rainer Torrado lends them an entirely new shape.

Torrado's series, Eye Carry the Night, was shot on the streets of Hong Kong looking straight up from street level under giant suspended neon signs. The squiggly patches of color and straight lines of the suspension cables are vaguely familiar at first site, though truly hard to recognize without context. The structures are presented in amazing uniformity which makes them seem all the more unreal.

I could make a thousand associations with the effect of Torrado's photos. The first thing that came to mind are maps of Metroid levels for NES. They're beautiful, and I would love to see them blown up to poster size! [Junkculture]