HUGE Philips LED in USA

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First shown at the IFA show in Berlin this year, the outrageously big 120-inch Candeo LED TV from Philips will launched next month in the US at CES in Las Vegas. Of course, with prices like $198,000 for the 6mm version and $98,755 for the 10mm one, you may not want to make room on your living room wall just yet. Those mm numbers above are for pixel size, and at a total of 384x216 pixels, the display is not exactly high-rez. Viewing distance for the gi-normous TV is between 16.4 and 164 feet, so maybe not so perfect for the home theater. Philips has mentioned that the NBA has already made some queries about them, so keep your eyes open.


Philips Candeo 120 inch LED TV on Sale in US [i4u]

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