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Hurricane Harvey Drone Footage Is Absolutely Heartbreaking

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We’ve all seen plenty of heartbreaking images from Texas this weekend, as vicious floods continue to destroy lives and property in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. But some of the most chilling footage has been taken from the sky, as hobby drones in the region document the devastation that’s still taking place.

Modern technology like social media and smartphone cameras now bring images of natural disasters to people around the world in an instant. And with this decade’s rise of drones, the bird’s eye view has become nearly as ubiquitous as any other.


We’ve collected some of the footage taken in the past couple of days in and around Houston. Some of it is taken by drone pros, while other footage clearly shows amateurs who are still learning to use their drones. But pro or not, each clip is an important document of this historic natural disaster.

If you want to help people on the ground, Houston Press has compiled a list of food banks in the area where you can donate. You can also donate to the Red Cross by text, but you should probably read up on their failures in Haiti (they raised half a billion dollars and built just 6 homes after the earthquake in 2010) before you do that. But help however you think is best. People are suffering and they’re going to be suffering for some time to come.

YouTube user: Marco Luzuriaga

Description: Drone video of Brays Bayou in Houston Texas on August 27, 2017. Taken during a break in the rain associated with tropical storm Harvey.


YouTube user: 121TheProject121

Description: Houston Flooding in Energy Corridor at Eldridge Pkwy/Memorial Drive. Buffalo Bayou At the End.

YouTube user: Von Castor

Description: Drone footage of #Harvey damage in Port Aransas Tx.

YouTube user: CNN

Description: Drone footage from Rockport, Texas, shows the destruction left behind by Hurricane Harvey.


YouTube user: Hurricane Track

Description: Houston flood aerial video - South Mayde Creek @ Greenhouse Rd

YouTube user: Live Storms Media

Description: Video By: Nik O

YouTube user: Eric Overton

Description: This is near i45 in League City Texas near 518 and Nasa road 1

YouTube user: Americage

Description: Pray for Houston, Texas. Drone footage of the Houston flood, the flooding path is unbelieveable. Hurricane Harvey 2017


YouTube user: Bored at Work

Description: Drone Footage Of Hurricane Harvey Flooding In Houston!

YouTube user: Jim P

Description: Drone flyover of Arthur Storey Park in Houston, flooded by Hurricane Harvey


YouTube user: Aaron Najera

Description: Some amateur shots taken with my drone of the Buffalo Bayou in west Houston on Briar Forest.


YouTube user: Airluxe Studios

Description: Drone video (Part 1) of Hurricane Harvey at The Texas Medical Center, Houston, TX by AirLuxe Studios.


YouTube user: Paul Andrew Kennedy

Description: Drone video of some flooding in San Leon

YouTube user: Von Castor

Description: Drone footage of #Harvey damage in Port Aransas Tx.

YouTube user: Adam Rayburn

Description: SE Houston off 45S, Dixie Farm and Beamer