Illustration for article titled HY Mini, the Portable Wind and Solar Power Generator

When you think of wind power, your mind may wander to those old Dutch windmills, wooden shoes, a finger in the dam and all the pot you can smoke. But the oddly named HY Mini does the wind power thing on a much smaller scale. It gets its cherry popped by both wind and sun, gathering energy with either its tiny turbine or mini solar panels.

The premise for this palm-sized device has you holding it in your hand, mounting it to a car window or attaching it to your bike's handlebars, and then it generates power from the sun and wind, storing that energy in its on-board batteries. Then you can use it to charge up your cellphone or portable media player. It also charges up by plugging it into an AC outlet. No pricing was announced yet, but it'll be available later this month. [HY Mini, via Keetsa]


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