I Couldn't Have Made It Through CES Without Sheryl Crow

Yesterday I walked across the casino floor of the Venetian, between the rows of clanging slot machines, with my enormous Nexus 6 held to my face so I could quietly listen to this YouTube video, the isolated bass line from Sheryl Crow's "All I Wanna Do." It was the only thing that could reliably sooth my hangover, somehow still raging at 5 PM. Bad day to forget my headphones.

I've heard this song before, but somehow I never realized how incredible it really is. My first day in Vegas for CES, it was playing over the speakers at Mandalay Bay, where I was sitting and losing about $60 in the span of one horrible minute. It was like I hearing it for the first time. Instant ear-worm. That bass line you guys. Ugh. It's incredible.


I must have listened to it—mostly the actual song, but also the isolated bass line—close to 100 times over the course of the show, and it has become my official anthem of CES 2015. Thank you Sheryl. I couldn't have done it without you. [Amazon, Spotify, iTunes]

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