I Desperately Need This Attractive Organizer To Fix My Cable Nightmare

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Even before I took to techbloggering, my life was filled with boxes and boxes of tangled cables: power sources to this, connector wires for that, and doubles (or triples) for everything. Could this attractive little solution be my salvation?

This proposed design for Cable Hive looks exactly like what it’s name describes: a honeycomb-like grid of shelving that’s designed to store cables neatly. The Kickstarter product has 39 hexagonal nooks for your wires, and the square unit can be either hung on a wall or left to lie on a desk or shelf, depending on your preference.

Early birds can buy into the Cable Hive for about $60 US (plus shipping from Australia sometime in December). If the long delay plus the inherent risk of Kickstarter failure is too much for you, perhaps a toilet paper roll organizer hack makes more sense. Someone bring this to my neighborhood target please?


[Kickstarter via PopMech]