I Don't Want to Live In a Future Where Drumbots and Scanners Play Christmas Carols

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Like the ghost of Christmas future, YouTuber bd594 has given us a chilling glimpse of what the future of the holidays might be like. Door-to-door carolers replaced with a robotic snare drum and a flatbed scanner playing Little Drummer Boy.

I know, I know—it's frighteningly close to what your doomsday predicting grandfather warned you about all those years. But after giving it some more consideration, I, for one, welcome our festive robotic musical overlords. The drummer might miss the occasional beat due to technical limitations—and Little Drummer Boy certainly wasn't written for the scanner—but I'm glad the burden of carrying a tune has been lifted from my shoulders. Because dodging awkward annual traditions is what the holidays are all about. [YouTube via Geekologie]