I Had Forgotten How Beautiful the Night Sky Is

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For the first time in my life, I want to live in Wyoming. This photograph, taken by Robert Arn over the course a single night, captured the glittering and glowing night sky in 360 degrees. Why can't the sky always look like this?

Over to the left of the picture, you can see a lunar halo and lunar corona surrounding the mirror that is the Moon. To the right of the picture and over the pyramidal building, you can see the belt of Milky Way galaxy arched as if it were a rainbow. The glowing orbs on the distant horizon is the city lights of Cheyenne, Wyoming. It all combines for an absolutely stunning image—nature is alive, stars look like a million diamonds, etc—and something I'll never see in stupid filled New York City.

I just want to experience one night like this. Just one! With drugs to make the ground bend just like the picture. [AstroArn via Astronomy Picture of the Day, Image Credit: Robert Arn, www.AstroArn.com Reproduced with Permission]