I Liked This Clear Firefox Phone Better On Clarissa Explains It All

Just a few days ago, Japan released a designer, see-through, golden Firefox phone for Japanese consumers to place lovingly under their Christmas trees. And sure, why wouldn't you—just look how pretty. And see-through!


Just like it was 20 years in the hands of a pubescent Melissa Joan Hart.

While we get that it symbolizes Firefox's ethos of openness, considering that it comes from the hands of famed Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka (of Swarovski and MOMA fame), we'd hoped for a little more than just... clear. Especially for a phone that comes baring such mediocre specs.

The Fx0 won't be on sale in the U.S. any time soon (or ever), but don't despair. You can do better on Etsy, anyway. [Spoon & Tamago]


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