I-OData USB2-C9RWG SDHC 16-In-1 Card Reader

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If you didn't pick up the SanDisk 4GB SDHC card with card reader, I-O Data has another way for you to get your SDHC goodness onto your computer. Their USB2-C9RWG sixteen-in-one card reader is SDHC compatible, as well as fitting memory stocks, compact flash and SD cards. A couple other shapes are there on the unit but it's hard to tell just by the pictures.


Grab one from your local Japanese import shop while you're down there for some Pocky and the latest issue of Young Animal magazine.


I-O Data [via Akihabara News]

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Per: http://www.iodata.jp/prod/pccard/re…

Compatible with:

SD, SDHC, miniSD*, MS, MS-Pro, MS Duo*, MS Duo-Pro*, CF, MicroDrive, xD, xD Type M, xD Type H, Smart Media, Multimeida Card, RS-MMC*, microSD/Transflash*

* - requires additional adapter

2,640 yen, or about $23 USD; available late Aug 06