I Wasn't Prepared for the Crushing Melancholy of Watching This Bull Pop His Toy Ball

Gif: Ima Survivor Enterprises

His name is Tex and for a glorious moment, he found the one thing he never knew his life was missing.


Tex resides at the Ima Survivor Donkey and Farm Animal Sanctuary in Cleveland, Texas. In a video posted to the sanctuary’s Facebook page, Tex the bull appears to learn something we’ve all known since we were children: Balls are fun.

His owner, Lester Morrow, can be heard in the background warning Tex of the inevitable. This ball has messed with the bull and it’s going to get the horns. But even though I knew what was coming, I didn’t anticipate how clearly Tex would communicate his disappointment when the big red rubber ball is finally deflated. And you can hear in Morrow’s voice that he didn’t expect the reaction either.

Morrow’s animal sanctuary was founded in 2017 after his farm was devastated by flooding during Hurricane Harvey. His family had to leave the farm and release their animals with the hope that they found safety. Following the hurricane, Morrow found that 17 of his furry friends died but a video of his teary reunion with his pig Patty went viral and people around the world donated to help Morrow get on his feet.

So, don’t worry about the bull. We’re sure Morrow will just put some corks on those horns and get Tex a new ball.

[Ima Survivor Enterprises via Digg]



Yet another animal displaying what is clearly joy in the act of play. I immediately felt like I could hear him thinking.

Yay!! Something I can play with, without it screaming, or dying.”

and then....

“No, not again!”