I Wish These Tiny Plastic BattleBots Were Sold at Toy Stores

Fetch Robotics is best known for its warehouse bots that can autonomously fill orders. But soon the company might actually be better known for its Weaponized Plastic Fighting League that sees its engineers designing and building plastic toy battle bots that fight to the death.


The company’s private league is like a smaller scale, and slightly safer, version of BattleBots. But with tiny pieces of plastic shattering and flying in all directions, the battles still need to take place in a special reinforced arena to ensure those at the controls are kept safe enough to show up for work the next day.


So, sadly, our dreams of Fetch Robotics selling a line of Weaponized Plastic Fighting League toys that can actually duel to the death may never come true—what with the flying plastic shrapnel, the young kids, and the inevitable lawsuits. [Fetch Robotics via IEEE Spectrum]

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