Illustration for article titled I Would Read iPeanuts/i If Snoopy Were Actually a Transforming Robot Truck

It was one of the country’s most beloved comic strips, but did anyone ever actually find the Peanuts gang entertaining? Of course not. But if Charles Schulz had taken a page from Takara Tomy and turned Snoopy into a transforming truck, his comic would have been even more enjoyable than Calvin & Hobbes.

It’s hard to say what exactly inspired this unique mashup of transformer and famous beagles, but it follows Hello Kitty and other popular Japanese characters in Takara Tomy’s ‘Q Transformers’ toy line.


Available starting in December, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for an accompanying Charlie Brown that transforms into a Navy battlecruiser, and a Lucy that transforms into a football—it only seems fitting, right? [Takara Tomy via Toy People]

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