IBM Prepping 'Watson' Computer to Compete on Jeopardy!

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IBM, not content to merely crush the spirits of chess masters like Garry Kasparov, have started working with Jeopardy! to create a supercomputer that will undoubtedly answer questions more accurately than Sean Connery.

The supercomputer, dubbed simply as a "Question Answering" system, is named Watson. Designers believe it will have the speed and "understanding" necessary to research, buzz in, and then answer questions fast enough to compete on the popular game show. But it's not Google, engineers say. Don't you dare call it Google.


And as you can see in the video, Alex Trebek is totally for it, going so far as to appear as though all his lines were prepared by IBM PR. Anything to avoid having to face off against your mortal enemy Sean Connery, eh Trebek? [YouTube - Thanks, blam!]