IBM Reworks 3D Video System

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In an effort to cut costs in the 3D video market, IBM has come out with a new 3D TV system which they claim should be about $1000, compared with the $1800 systems out there right now. It's not exactly a popular product line to begin with, but I guess IBM feels that even though you'll still need 3D glasses and there's almost zero actual video shot in 3D, it's a technology that deserves to be developed. The new system only works with DLP TVs and needs only one projector, not two like the older systems use to simulate left and right views. The IBM product is a black box which connects to your DLP projector or TV with a 3 pin stereo connector.

IBM has managed to alternate the video frames to give the appearance of double projectors without the added cost. This means adding video frames lots of them. While normal live video is 30 frames per second, this device processes 144fps. First you see the frames from the left and then the right perspective giving the image an authentic three dimensional look.


Big Blue hasn't found a manufacturing partner yet but the product seems to now be compatible with OpenGL and Direct Draw.

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