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iCracked is a mobile service that fixes your shattered, waterlogged, or otherwise busted up smartphone wherever you are. Back when they were iPhone exclusive, we tested them and loved their work. Now they're working on Samsung phones. Smashing your screen still isn't a good idea, but now Sammy users have a backup.


iCracked will fix your Galaxy S4 or S3, or your Note 3, Note 2, or plain old Note starting today in the below-mentioned cities. In an exclusive, iCracked tells us that list will expand rapidly in the next few weeks. iCracked will also buy back your old iOS or Samsung device, whether it's broken or not. Check for full availability and details on iCracked's website.

Available now: Raleigh, NC; San Diego, CA; Knoxville, TN; Sacramento, CA; Washington, DC; Bloomington/Normal/Peoria, IL; Indianapolis, IN; Keane, NH; Manteca/Stockton, CA; Bridgewater, MA; La Crosse, WI; Provo, UT; Ann Arbor, MI; Jackson, MS; Austin, TX; Phoenix, AZ.


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