Idapt i4 Charges 4,000 Gadgets, Four At a Time

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Until your house is beaming juice to your gadgets wirelessly, you will resolutely consider charging stuff a pain in the ass. The Idapt i4 gets where we're coming from and offers one word of consolation: consolidation.


The i4 is the latest in a long line of chargers from the company. This model lets you charge four gadgets at once. (Up from the three with the i3, and two with the i2.) It also has a shiny finish, which when charging a Sixaxis controller, fleetingly evokes the look of a PS3. Bonus!

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The i4 will charge just about anything you throw on it, including "iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, Nintendo DS, PSP, PS3 controller, GPS systems, digital cameras, and Bluetooth products," all with the help of interchangeable tips that can be popped in and out of slots on the base. The i4 has three such slots and one USB port—one gadget-charging grand slam. To peruse the full tip catalog, consult this page on Idapt's site.

The i4 also sports LED lights to indicate when things are charged up and ready to go, as well as an switch to shut down the whole charging operation, if you feel a sudden pang of guilt about ravaging our planet's precious fossil fuels. Beyond buying a charging dock when your gadgets already charge just fine with their stock chargers, that is.

The Idapt i4 will be available in May, in shiny black or shiny white, for $60. [Idapt via [Wired]

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It looks nice, but at the same time, it worries me... When I bought a stereo with an ipod dock way back when, I made sure the dock was sturdy, that it wasn't just the docking connector holding it in place... the way that iphone is just sitting on there, it just seems to be BEGGING to get bumped and have something break, either the connector or some of it's internals.