iDisguise Hides Your iPod in Mint Tin, Does Wonders For Your Masculinity

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In case getting jacked for your iPod on a New York City subway car isn't exactly your idea of a fun time, have a look at the iDisguise. Cleverly named, the iDisguise hides—disguises, if you will—your iPod (first or second generation nano and first generation Shuffle; more models to come later) from prying eyes inside tin mint cans. There's a piece of "high quality" foam on the inside of the tin to guard your precious iPod from the bumps and bruises of everyday life.


The iDisguise can be procured for $15. This might be useful if you're afraid of the big bad wolf stealing your wares and don't know how to fight. Or you can be a real man and learn how to defend yourself.

Product Page [iDisguise via New Launches]


Iron Man's Pants

There's no hole to connect earphones. So you're just paying for a tin box with foam padding. In order to play your iPod, you'd need to take it out of the tin box... which makes more people notice it.