Idolator Is Gawker's New Music Blog

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The Giz likes more than just gadgets. We get games. We even get cars, sometimes. But Gizmodo does not compute music. No. Music, to our cyborgorian brains, is just more data to be jacked from CD, put on MP3 player. Gawker's new blog Idolator? They understand music.

Idolator is all about music, and how the internets saved indie music from the suits. Yay!


And how the suits bought out the internets with their garbage bags of monies. Noooesss! Anyhow, we find it as confusing as we find girls terrifying. Huh? What's this? Zune posts? Wheee!

Speaking of buying out, Idolator is run by Industry Whores, just like Giz.

Idolator [Idolator]