If Fry and Leela had kids, they would be adorable

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What if Futurama's on-again, off-again couple finally stopped breaking up and settled down to have some Matt Groening-style babies? They might inherit Leela's mutation and Fry's lack of common sense, but they sure would be cute kids.

Reddit user Doodiescoop (aka Becca Jones) tried her hand at drawing Fry and Leela's daughter and shared it with her fellow Futurama fans. There was quickly a popular demand for a one-eyed Philip J. Fry III, and lo did he appear, wearing his dad's jacket. It's led to much fun debating about just how mutated their kids would actually be; after all, most of Leela's biological children with Kif have two eyes.


Hopefully, Jones will see fit to give us a few more hypothetical Planet Express kids to coo over. I wouldn't mind seeing what a dozen or so of Kif and Amy's kids might look like.

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