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If pizza were a politician it'd be a Republican

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Pizza is big business in America. So it's only natural that everyone's favorite salt delivery device has a lobbying group spending money to influence politics. Big Pizza spent about $1.5 million in the last two election cycles, which is really no surprise. What might surprise you is that pizza is so partisan: 88 percent of that money went to Republicans.

Bloomberg Business has a new article telling the fascinating story of the American Pizza Community (APC) — the lobbying group of the pizza industry. The APC represents the interests of both companies that make delivery pizzas, like Domino's and Pizza Hut, and the frozen pizzas you can find in supermarkets and schools.


What are they spending their money to influence? Everything from issues surrounding mandatory menu labeling laws (they're against them) to how the USDA classifies pizza nutritionally for school lunches. For example, companies like Schwan's, which produces 70 percent of America's school lunch pizzas, would like to see pizza remain classified as a vegetable. With Republicans running both the House and Senate, it looks like that's a pretty safe bet for the near future.

So what's the most "Republican pizza" around? Arguably Pizza Hut, which spent over $685,000 in the last two election cycles. A whopping 98.9 percent of that money went to Republican candidates and groups. Papa John's was also overwhelming Republican and gave about 87 percent of its lobbying dollars to the Grand Old Party, and just 4.6 percent to Democrats.


Domino's gave a larger percentage to Democrats than many other companies (about 20 percent) but the most Democratic pizza chain is probably Little Caesars. The pizza-pizza company gave 27 percent of its lobbying dollars to Democrats. However, this was just a drop in the bucket in terms of real dollars spent. Little Caesars only spent $2,775 lobbying in the last two election cycles.

So what candidate got the most money from Big Pizza in the last two election cycles? Republican Mitt Romney raked in $110,807. That's a lot of dough. [Bloomberg Business]

Image: A deliciously Republican pizza from Pizza Hut via the Associated Press

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