Illustration for article titled If the Worlds Awesomest Folding Chair Were A Robot, It Would Be the Worlds Worst Transformer

And you thought having to turn into a '70s Beetle was bad enough—yes, I'm looking at you Bumblebee. Just imagine going from folding chair to shipping label. I guess that's one way to infiltrate the Decepticon's base.


The folding chair has been designed by Félix Guyon for La Firme, a Canadian design house. It packs flat, a la anything from IKEA—collapsing down to just 1-inch thick—and can be customized with any logo. In this case, La Firme replicated a classic French shipping label. When folded and hung for storage, it doubles as wall art. Michael Bay would be proud—assuming the hanging chair were surrounded by explosions and Meagan Fox. [Inhabitat]


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