If this video doesn't make you grin like an idiot, there might be something wrong with you

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Don't use a lawnmower on the carpet. Don't mix Coke and chainsaws. Don't light fireworks inside the house. Don't microwave bottles of red wine. Don't, don't, don't, don't, don't.

The folks at Danish TV show Dumt & Farligt got sick of being told what not to do, so they went and did it. All of it. And filmed it with a high-speed super-camera.


This is Stupidity Captured at 2500 Frames Per Second, and it is every bit as wonderful as you could possibly hope. The movie was shot using a Vision Research Phantom Flex camera, a piece of video equipment capable of shooting scenes at an mind-boggling 2,800 frames per second, all at 1080p resolution (which, by the way, is precisely the resolution you should be watching this at, full-screened, and with headphones if at all possible). [zulu — warning, Danish ahead]
Hat tip to Mounir!