If You Don't Have Your Headphones Plugged in While Running this Application, You're a Terrible Human

The world is made up of two kinds of people: those sadistic monsters who leave the key-board clicks turned on on their iPhones, and the sane angels who keep that shit off.


If you put yourself in category #1, boy, do I have a product for you! Noisy Typer is a free, open-source software for OS X, developed by Theo Watson, of the Free Art and Technology lab (F.AT.).

Built on openFrameworks version 0071, Noisy Typer runs in the background and will replicate the click clack sound of an oldtimey typewriter, while you compose your emails and pen your memoirs on your word processing program of choice.

Noisy Typer has a distinct sound for letter keys, the spacebar, backspace, return, scroll up, and scroll down—so if you're jonesing for a little Mad Men action, you can just power up Pages (or Word, or whatever), hit the keys, close your eyes—pour some Scotch?—and make believe you're sitting right in there in the center of Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Price.

...Otherwise, I'm not sure why you'd want to submit yourself to this kind of *cruel cacophony? [TheVerge via fffff]

*If you do, though, please be kind and keep your headphones plugged in at all times. Because you are probably the only terrible human on Earth who actually wants to hear this.



I installed it (currently using it) and it's interesting, but only on a novel look at this thing for 5 minutes type level. The app isn't designed to well though. The icon is relatively bad and and to turn it off you have to type a special word. There should be a menu bar thing instead. This does although make it easy to prank someone because unless they know the secret word they can't turn it off. It is slightly overkill though as even my macbook pro keyboard makes the clickity sound by itself, and this lags a millisecond behind it.

Wow that is cool! When you click enter it makes a ding sound (just found that out, lol).

Anyways, how is having the iPhone keyboard on bad? I have it on all the time. It goes of when the phone is in vibrate anyways. I think that if you are in an environment where you can have the ring on, it is appropriate to also have the keys on.

Also another good post Molly.