Need a Movie Tonight? Watch Nebraska

Update: Sorry for the pump fake but Nebraska is not actually streaming on Netflix (right now), but you can catch it on Google Play, Amazon, or iTunes, for a price. We apologize for the tease.

If your Friday night plans include wine and your couch, I'd like to humbly submit Nebraska as a potential candidate for jumpstarting a Netflix session.


Nebraska is a funny, sad film, with a brilliant starring turn from Bruce Dern as a boozy, befuddled old codger named Woody. Woody becomes convinced he has won a million dollars, and enlists his put-upon younger son (Will Forte) to help him collect it from his home state.

June Squibb is also great as Woody's outspoken wife, Kate, who is about as far off from a sweet little old lady as you can imagine. This scene is just one of many where she exercises her acid tongue on her small-town acquaintances:

Also great: the script, the black-and-white cinematography, and the plaid shirt to dude ratio. Like Woody, you won't be a million dollars richer after you watch it, but you will be rich in CINEMA, baby.

I would also like to note that Nebraska is also available on Canadian Netflix, and that Canadian Netflix has become noticeably less terrible in recent months.


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Nebraskais unavailable to stream

This title is available on Netflix DVD.