Illustration for article titled iHammock Relaxes And Recharges iPhones, Daiquiri Not Included

The life of an iPhone is hard and you know it. After spending the day searching for 3G and running apps, the iHammock takes the edge off. This dock is actually a sweet idea. Too bad it's just a rendering.

I love to take naps in hammocks, but that's not why I think the iHammock is cool. The designer didn't like the loud sound his iPhone made when vibrating on his desk so he thought to put it on something soft and elevated, like a hammock.


Its cocktail like-umbrella isn't just to protect iPhone sunburn, it would work as a solar battery charger. That would jack the price up on this baby if it ever comes to market, but I'd be willing to pay for my phone to get a little R&R. [Petitinvention via iPhone Savior]

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