IKEA Launches Its Own Clutter-Free TV

IKEA constantly manages to churn out innovative, affordable products. The latest, however, is seeing it move directly into the technology sector: it's launching its own TV, which comes integrated into a piece of furniture to completely banish cables from your home.


It looks pretty sleek. Built in co-operation with China's TCL Multimedia, the unit—called Uppleva—houses an HDTV and Blu-ray/DVD player. It also features 2.1 surround sound, with the subwoofer being a wireless unit that you can place anywhere in your living room. Elsewhere, it features WiFi connectivity to get you online, supports DivX HD, and comes with a raft of USB and HDMI inputs so, um, you can clutter the thing up with wires. All of which sounds great, but a lot will rest on the quality of the electronics.

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Regardless, it will probably end up in many homes as a sleek, one-stop solution. It's not due to be available until the autumn but, when it is, it should retail for around $950 with a 5-year guarantee. [IKEA via Engadget]

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Not really hard to run your own wires through the walls and terminate everything in nice wall plates. Though the 5 year warranty is pretty impressive, especially for ikea of all places.