Ikea Showrooms Are Being Listed on Australian Airbnb

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Most kids want to stay overnight at the museum of planetarium. But certain weirdos, like me, always wanted to sleep over at Ikea, amongst the endless rows of futons and 99 cent Swedish doo-dads. Now, we're getting our chance, thanks to an Airbnb promo with Ikea that will rent out beds overnight.

Just one problem (unless you're an Aussie): The participating Ikea is in Australia. In Sydney, Ikea will give groups a chance to rent out sections of its "sets" for the night, in a partnership headed up by Airbnb. There won't be any charge, save a $12 admin fee on Airbnb's side, and according to The Sydney Morning Herald, everyone gets to walk away with the whimsically Nordic sheets they slept on. Plus, free Ikea breakfast, which is the greatest gift of all.

The promo is available to families including kids over six, which hopefully means that this particular sleepover won't devolve into booze-soaked mayhem like another high-profile dream sleepover recently did. [SMH]


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