Illustration and Design Intern Wanted

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Gizmodo is hiring an art intern. We are looking for someone with real talent who wants to work as our illustrator and graphic design monkey.

We want someone capable of executing instructions fast. Really fast. Someone who also has imagination. Someone who can actually sketch and draw from memory, not just fake it. Someone who can also hack stuff fast. Someone who is neat and exacting. Someone who is eager to learn a lot without an attitude. In other words, someone good who wants his or her first job in a place where eight million people will see your work every day.

We will pay you per illustration, and you have to be available through the work day (starting at 8am ET). You can work from home.


If you think you are that person, then send me an email including a link to a gallery of your work. Point to exactly the things you want me to see and tell me about them. Don't send attachments and don't change the subject line or you will NOT be selected.

WARNING. You are going to be working closely with an asshole who only accepts perfection and speed: Me.