Remember when Tenacious D came back and dropped Rize of the Fenix back in 2012? Maybe you're like me and you forgot. Well we're both terrible because god damn is its first song good.

Earlier today I was listening to an episode of the (excellent) Comedy Bang Bang podcast featuring Jack Black and Kyle Gass when suddenly I had a flashback: Oh shit! What was that newish Tenacious D song that I listened to on repeat for hours a few years ago. I could remember neither the name or the tune but after a few seconds of Googling I was back in the D's loving embrace.

"Rize of the Fenix" isn't so much one great song as it is a sequence of about four great songs, each catchy in its own way, running the gamut from soft and meandering, to pumped up and driving and just YEAAAAH. I'm ashamed to admit that I forgot about this song for two years and that I've never listened to the rest of the album, but the second one's a problem I plan to remedy immediately, while chuckling to myself about how "the D will rise again."

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