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I'm Completely Mesmerized By This Tunnel-Scrubbing Beast of a Machine

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

With thousands of cars passing through every day, blasting the walls with dirty exhaust, it only makes sense that every once in a while a tunnel needs to be cleaned. But I had no idea there are trucks built specifically for the task, with giant scrubbers attached to robotic arms that can reach every last nook and cranny.

This monster machine is operated by Colas Suisse, a road work company in Switzerland. Each arm can be controlled remotely so that it doesn’t miss any spots as it rolls around. I’m assuming there are enough tunnels in Switzerland to keep this truck busy all day long, but if there’s ever off-time, it seems like it could be easily turned into a mobile carwash, scrubbing other vehicles while they’re still cruising down the highway.

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