How much do you like your Instagram pictures? Enough to get a few likes? Enough to think you'd kick ass as a photographer? Enough to convert them into amazing oil paintings that you can hang on your wall? Pixelist is a company that's trying to turn your Instagram photos into hand-made oil paintings that will live forever on canvas. How will those pictures of food and sunset and feet pictures look now?

Pixelist, which is currently raising funds (it just cleared its goal, actually) on IndieGoGo, will let you convert your Instagram pictures to 12x12" canvases for $90 (regular pictures go to 12x16"). If you want to go bigger, Pixelist offers paintings up to 6x6' monsters (that'll run a solid $1000). You're basically commissioning an artist to paint for you.

The pictures have some requirements though, Pixelist says it won't accept images with "more than two humans, animals or related forms" for their standard size. Moving up in sizes will give you a little bit more freedom. Also, the photos that Pixelist can paint can only be intricate to a point. [Pixelist,

Here are some examples of their work. You can learn more about Pixelist here. [Pixelist via swissmiss]