The great thing* about living in New York City is that there's always something going on. But with the city moving at a million miles a minute, keeping track of what's happening is pretty damn hard. New Yorker's Goings On app simplifies that.

In a nutshell, the Goings On app is the New Yorker's entertainment listings in app form. That means you'll be up to date with the theatre, art, music, dance, movies, restaurants, and night life scene. But there's more! You can read various New York-based artists wax poetic about the city and their own personal spots in the city and even listen to audio tours that guide you around the maze grid. Basically, if you live in New York and want to maintain some semblance of being "cultured", this should be on your phone.


So yes, New York City is the awesomest city in the world and having pubs like the New Yorker decorate our city with guides like this make it even better. Be jealous other cities. Be very jealous. [Android Market, iTunes]

*the bad things about living in New York City, of course, are the rude assholes, terrible weather, weird smells, the rude assholes, paying too much damn rent for a closet-sized apartment, the filthy subways, the constant rat race, the rude assholes and more, more, more. It begs the question, how a city can be so great when there are so many obvious flaws?

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