iMessage Keeps Texting Stolen iPhones Even After Wipeout

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Beware: if your iPhone gets stolen, it will keep receiving messages sent via iMessage even after a remote wipe out and deactivation. The thief—or whoever buys the stolen terminal—would be able to read whatever is written to you.


Users in Apple support board are reporting this problem which has no solution for now. The iMessages will arrive both your new iPhone and the old one. One of the users says that the only way to solve the problem is by canceling the old Apple ID and creating a new one. [Ars Technica]


Nothing to See Here!

My friend's iPhone got stolen.

Right after getting him iOS5, he said he wanted a rest and couldn't be bothered to set up iCloud (Setting up iCloud is a chore?)

So now I'm sure he very much regrets it...I'm glad it got stolen...well not really because iMessage was useful.

Luckily iMessage was sent using his phone number, so now it just sends it as a text when it realizes that there's no iPhone on the other end. But it's incredibly annoying because it takes like 5 minutes to actually send as a text. How the heck are you supposed to turn iMessage off for a contact?