Immersive Media Hiring Camera Drivers, for Google Streetview?

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A few of our commenters have mentioned how much fun it might be to drive one of those Google Streetview camera vehicles, and this just might be their big chance. Immersive Media, one of the companies associated with the data collection project for Google, is looking for a "GeoImmersive Data Producer" to get on the road and grab a few million 360° pictures. Hey, if you're spending your days cruising around anyway, this might be a way to pick up a few bucks. Check out the details, after the jump.


Location: Traveling on the road
Join Immersive Media's team of GeoImmersive Data Producers and hit the road for an adventure that gives you the opportunity to be part of a project using an innovative technology that will change the way people see the world. The GeoImmersive City Collect Project is a mapping initiative that produces spherical video from a street-level perspective. Here at IMC, we dream big and we dream in color. If the idea of traveling, mapping and working hands-on with a breakthrough technology excites you, please keep reading...

* The collecting of GeoImmersive footage that meets IMC's collection parameters
* Skilled operation of the Telemmersion® System ensuring the GeoImmersive™ data has a consistent image for the best end user experience
* Execute, according to IMC's collection plan, a shot list for the data capture
* Update and report progress daily to Project Manager
* Maintain and ensure Telemmersion® equipment and data capture accessories are fully operational and secure
* Efficiently and accurately capture georeferenced imagery of IMC identified cities including major arterial routes and points of interest
* Review data, edit and provide an accurate shot list for the Post Production Coordinator
* Communicate and share with team members best practices and lessons learned

* Have an interest or knowledge in GIS or cartography
* The ability to use a map
* Willingness to travel for extended period of time
* Operate within the defined budget (i.e. lodging and meals) for two people
* Must be a results and service oriented self-starter
* A resourceful and creative problem solver
* Detail oriented, a strong sense of urgency and very organized
* Proficiency in MS-Office applications (MS Excel, PowerPoint, Word)
* Effective time management in order to meet deadlines
* Lots of initiative and energy
* Willingness to be a team player
* Valid Drivers License

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How much can this POSSIBLY pay? The only skill required is the ability to drive. School bus drivers get paid shit and they're responsible for a whole bunch of kids. The only thing that makes this interesting is the expense account (which is probably severly limited)