Impressive Supercut Puts Rogue One Trailers in Chronological Order

Credit: Lucasfilm
Credit: Lucasfilm

The latest Rogue One trailer gave us plenty more information about what to expect from the upcoming spinoff. But when you add it to what we’ve already seen so far, it’s a full Star Wars Story.


GameSpot released a supercut of all the Rogue One trailers we’ve seen so far, reshaping it into the closest thing we have to chronological order at this point. Obviously, it’s all speculation, but it really showcases Jyn Erso’s journey to becoming a heroine of the Rebellion.

If you’re wanting to avoid any real spoilers for the film, you might want to skip this super-trailer. It definitely gives us major clues about how the story’s going to progress, and you’ll likely see the existing footage differently than you did before. Rogue One arrives in theaters December 16.


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Since the movie came out everybody claimed the death star weakness was stupid. Why would they make such a design flaw. Why wouldnt they cover the exhaust port or make it with a form nobody could shoot through it. This has bothered Many and been used to mock star wars for its nonsense.

Well, from the trailers ive deduced a fan theory that i believe will be the real plot of the movie.

In rogue one jyns dad is the one who designs the death star, but he appears to be a good guy, Not an evil character. He even says in the trailer “whatever i do, i do it to protect you”. So why would he make an evil superweapon for an evil empire that could exterminate any planet they want, even the one where his daughter lives in.

You could say he was forced to, and i agree, but... Here it comes the design flaw issue. I believe he made that design flaw intentionally so as to make the weapon destroyable, and then contact the rebels to give away the secret, with the only condition of telling it to her daughter, the only being in the universe he trusts blindly.

So, with this New movie, they are retconing star wars a New hope and making what could have been initially a scrypt loose end into an awesome plot twist that develops throught out more than one movie.