ImprovEverywhere Uses 700 Cameras to Make a Flash Wave Across the Brooklyn Bridge

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Click to viewImprovEverywhere has just released the photos and video from their latest event, The Camera Flash Experiment. To celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Brooklyn Bridge, they sent 700 people all along the it with cameras. When they all fired their flashes off in the same direction, it allowed them to make a "wave" of light across the bridge. Some pretty amazing pictures and video resulted. (That Digg badge is for ImprovEverywhere's Digg, not ours.)

It's pretty awesome that a whopping 700 people showed up in the rain to pull this off, especially seeing how many of their cameras must have gotten fried. Definitely go to the IE site to check out more video, boatloads of high-res, desktop worthy photos and firsthand accounts. [ImprovEverywhere]