In an Exclusive Clip From AMC's Humans, the Synth Family Experiences Growing Pains

In an Exclusive Clip From AMC's Humans, the Synth Family Experiences Growing Pains

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AMC and Channel 4's Humans returned for season 3 last week and dramatically shook the status quo of the universe. Take a look at a tense synth family reunion in this exclusive clip from tonight’s episode.

The synths had already faced an uphill battle in their goal to blend in but when the world at large realized their robot slaves had thoughts and feelings just like them, they weren’t prepared for the reality of what came next. To be fair, neither were the synths but they’re at the disadvantage. Still strictly regulated in the UK, the newly-awakened synths are relegated to certain zones and withheld vital energy. A returned Niska is surprised to see her brother Max taking charge in this new clip but they aren’t the only ones disagreeing. Check it out below.

The original synth family is certainly having some growing pains, huh? Will Niska and Mia save the refugee synths, or will Max force them to stay? Tune in to AMC tonight, 10pm ET/PT, to find out.