In-Car Gadget That Makes Your PC Blush

Most people think that by having a GPS system in their car they
re a big shot. Those people may have to reconsider now that the StreetDeck from MP3Car is here. In essence, it combines your typical
I need directions!
box with, oh, just about every feature found in your PC. With the StreetDeck installed, you get the StreetDeck software installed on a Windows XP PC along with all the regular amenities, such as four USB 2.0 ports and a spacious 60-gig hard drive. Naturally, you
ll be able to play MP3s on the system. If you
re in the market to have a fully functioning PC in your automobile and are willing to part with $1699, the StreetDeck represents as good a choice as any. Well, when you
re not actively driving, anyway.

the ultimate in-car gadget; streetdeck by MP3CAR [Navigadget]

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