In Continuum's Dystopian Future, There Are Monsters On Both Sides

Last night's episode of Continuum was bleak and kind of disturbing. And even though Kiera seems to draw the conclusion that "I'm not asleep any more," it feels as though she's really just traded one fanatical trance for another. Spoilers ahead...


Kiera is struggling with whether she did the right thing, turning in the nice Hoodie Alec to the Freelancers and letting the douchey Suit Alec run free. Especially since it seems like Suit Alec is more likely to bring about the dystopian corporate-dominated world of 2077 that Kiera remembers. After Curtis (who's gotten locked up for killing the other Kiera) taunts Kiera that she was sleepwalking back in 2077 and now she's still asleep, Kiera remembers a time when Jaworski (another Liber8 gang member who's imprisoned by the Freelancers in suspended animation) said the same thing to her.

And then, the bulk of the episode is Kiera's memory of 2077, making this the most time we've ever spent in the future. And jeez, is this story depressing. It basically shows how almost everybody can become a monster in the right circumstances, and in particular Old Alec and Kagame both behave abominably.

In the future, Kiera is transporting Jaworski back to the city when her transporter crashes and her CMR goes down. And soon enough Kiera and Jaworski get captured by the denizens of a small commune that grows organic food off the grid — not using the corporate-owned seeds. And the opportunity represented by one of the CPS most wanted along with a CPS officer is just too good for these people to resist — the only question is, who do they turn in? Do they hand over Kiera to the Liber8 folks, and take a bribe to let Jaworski go free? Or do they turn in Jaworski for the reward? Either way, though, they're playing with dynamite and you can see how this is going to end very badly.

But then it turns out that an injured Kagame is also a guest of this commune, trading on his longtime ties to one of the commune's matriarchs. And Kagame has taken an interest in Sonia, who's still just working as a doctor. Kagame sees her as a useful ally, especially if she can infilrate the super-soldier program (where she meets Travis.)

So Kagame puts his own blood into one of the apples that the commune is selling to the rich folks in the city, and makes sure it's earmarked for Alec Sadler. And when Alec Sadler realizes that Kagame is in this commune, he doesn't hesitate — he orders an airstrike on the commune, killing everybody inside. Oops.

The clip above is fascinating, with Future Alec and Kagame both spouting their own propaganda, to Kiera's husband and Sonia respectively. Future Alec says that the only goal of the corporations, their only reason for existing, is to make people's lives better (even as he's murdering hundreds of people.) And we must not slide back into chaos. Meanwhile, Kagame tells Sonia that this is how the corporations are: what they can't own, they destroy. (Leaving out the fact that Kagame arranged this massacre himself.)


It's just horrifying. And back in the present, Kiera draws a weird conclusion from this bleak tale — she's like, "I'm sure Kagame had his reasons" for goading Future Alec into murdering all those people. Oh, sure. He probably had really great reasons, Kiera. And Kiera suddenly admires the conviction she's seen in the eyes of the Liber8 thugs — even though the Freelancer boss is right that they're fanatics who are willing to resort to any atrocity to make in-roads against the corporations.

And then the kicker is that Curtis pretends to hang himself in his cell, but actually busts out of Freelancer jail while Hoodie Alec watches and freaks out.




It is a little confusing why a flashback to her past would lead Kiera to a breakthrough now. I mean, she's remembered those events all along. So I'm not clear what's incited her to change now. Unless it's just second thoughts after turning on Alec.

Also not crazy about the small-universe syndrome of Kiera just happening to end up in a place where Kagame and Sonia were. Makes it quite a coincidence that she'd later end up going back in time with them.